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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coconut Oil

Ok so I decided to buy some coconut oil because I read its really good at helping to lose weight, which if you know I have been on the Atkins Diet since the first of May. I have lost 4 skirt sizes and I seem to have come to a stop ugh. So I buy the oil and I DON'T use it lol. It has sat in the cupboard for about 2 wks and I made myself use it today. I made my whole wheat bread and substituted the coconut oil with the butter. Then I made granola cereal and replaced the coconut flakes with the oil and it has a coconut flavor. I think I am starting to like this oil.
 This oil is not only great for baking but also for the skin. I gave Phoebe a coconut oil bath and her skin looks and feels so much softer.(She has a bad case of eczema). I was reading on this oil and you can use it on sunburns, WHICH I think is awesome. So now I have been won over by the coconut oil. I am thinking about taking spoonfuls to see if it helps with the weight loss too :) Well this is my little spiel on Coconut Oil.

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