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Sunday, December 8, 2013

My "Weight " Journey

  As long as I can remember I have always been big. I am big boned so I figured I would be big my whole life. There was no need to watch my food intake or exercise that much. Well I was wrong, it is important. If I want to live to see my children grow up I better fix my thinking. I did, and started many different diets. They worked a little bit but as soon as I quit the weight came back and then some.  So I got discouraged and gave up. I wasn't happy with how I was, embarrassed to be in public, and hated clothes shopping.
  Well I thought I was doomed but I heard about Trim Healthy Mama. A friend was doing it and her results amazed and inspired me. I jumped on board and guess what, it works. I eat better, exercise more, and my energy is back. I feel like a new person.
  I am sure someone who is reading is thinking, yeah works for you not me. Well no it won't if you don't try. This was very hard at first. It overwhelmed me, but I started with one meal at a time. I did a little exercise at a time. Nothing happens overnight, it takes time. You didn't gain your weight overnight, so don't expect to lose it overnight.
  Do you need some proof? Here are my pictures, first one is in August 2013 when I started. Second is in October 2013, and the most recent is December 2013. I have lost 75lbs. I am not at my goal weight but I am getting there. I am 25lbs from my first goal to lose 100lbs. This is a journey that I will be on the rest of my life. I will no longer let food rule me, I have a better understanding of my body. I am happy, healthy and getting trim to be a better wife, mother, and keeper of my home.
Check out the book.
Trim Healthy Mama.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


 Have you ever met a perfectionist? Perhaps you're a perfectionist. What is a perfectionist? According to Webster its

 a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable; especially : the setting of unrealistically demanding goals accompanied by a disposition to regard failure to achieve them as unacceptable and a sign of personal worthlessness.

Wow, is this how you feel or perceive yourself? How do you respond when your well planned plans go awry? Do you take your frustrations out on those closest to you, or do you just go with the flow, being flexible.

  I don't know what you do, but I know what I do. I am not a perfectionist but at times my actions say I am. You know the saying "action speak louder than words." I love having every detail laid out just so and everything go according to my plans. I do get frustrated when things don't go right. Sometimes I take it out on those close to me. I will even go so far as to put myself down. I let these things rule my life and my attitude. Is this pleasing to God? No its not in any way and He is showing me this. 
  What does God say about Perfection? We know we are to be perfect even as God is (Matt 5:48). I found 121 verses in the Bible that mentions the word perfect. Majority of the verses talked about God's perfection, which is complete. One verse stuck out at me though, its 2 Samuel 22:33 God is my strength and power:and he maketh my way perfect. Oh my word, this verse hits me right in the heart. I try to be perfect in my own strength and power which normally ends up leaving me frustrated and feeling worthless. We are to strive for perfection but with God's strength and power we achieve it. He can make our way perfect and he usually does.
   As I continue to let God perfect my way my plans don't seem so demanding. If you are a perfectionist and struggle with the letdowns and frustrations give it to God. He will perfect your way.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where can I go?

 Its been a tough week so far and its only Tuesday. House is a mess from trying to sort things out so we can pack to move, kids not wanting to do all their school work, the baby was sick all day and last night, packing needs done for youth extreme, and this mama feeling overwhelmed. Through it all though I keep singing the song Where could I go but to the Lord. He already knows what I am going through and he has been helping me, normally I would be biting everyone's head off but Praise the Lord he has given me an extra dose of patience. My hubby has even mentioned how nice I have been. This makes me glad and sad because I know I have not always been nice when in transition. I have a very quick temper and have trouble keeping it tamed down.
 I am going to be honest with myself and you all, sometimes I get so upset I feel everyone should know it. Unfortunately this is wrong and it takes time and the Lord to help me with this. I hate change but its necessary, and worth it in the end. At times I chaff under the responsibilities of being a SAHM, homeschooling, and even being the wife I need to be to my husband. I can't express it to many people but I can go to the Lord who knows that I love to be free but also be the best mother and wife. He knows how contradictory I am in my mind yet I will still follow His will. So in this season of my life I am taking it a moment at a time. If my house is in disorder that's OK we are moving this happens. The children are not wanting to get school done its OK, we keep at it, that's the freedom of homeschooling. Baby was sick we just cuddle and pray. I will have everything ready in time I always do. I will lean even more on the Lord, have a song in my heart and a smile on my face. When the new problem arise which it will, I will keep my cool and go with the flow.
  This has been a process I have been going through and I wanted to share with you how the Lord has helped me, maybe your going through some transitions, or just finding it a little difficult to be wife, mother, keeper at home, teacher, nurse, or whatever it is your struggling with, just go to the Lord. Like the song says:
      Oh where could I go, oh where I could I go,
      seeking a refuge for my soul. Needing a friend
      to save me in the end. Where could I go but to the Lord.