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Thursday, January 5, 2012

You have your hands full

 If you read my title this is what I often hear when people realize how many kids I have. I don't think people say this to be mean but just as in, wow I couldn't do that. My reply is most often not really, to me it seems easy. I feel if you have structure, responsibilities, correction and love you can do it.
 Structure is a must if you have lots of little ones :) If we didn't have some type of schedule I would go nuts lol. I make sure all our meals are basically the same time everyday. There is always nap time and quiet time for the older ones. Of course now that we homeschool that comes into play also. Kids thrive on a schedule or some type of structure in their lives. In fact I think we all do, the days that we don't follow our schedule are the worst. So this is very important.
 Responsibilities is what keeps a house going, everyone contributes to the house some way or another. Daddy brings home the bacon and keeps everything in tip top shape. Mommy cooks, launders, makes things to sell, and teaches. There is more that mommy does but too many to list :). The older two children help by putting away their folded clothes and their buddy's clothes. Big brother puts towels away and keeps the kitty watered and fed. Big sister helps mommy with the cat litter since mommy can't inhale it because of the baby in the belly. She also helps with the girls by brushing their hair and playing with them. Big sister has a very calming personality that really comes in handy with the little girls. Now both the older two children help get breakfast and lunch (this is teaching them how to prepare food, I love it) and mommy does dinner. The little girls help pick up toys and they try to put laundry away. Each one of us has chores and responsibilities and this helps the house to run smoothly the majority of the time.
 Correction is also important, there must be some type of correction when we misbehave. This should be done in a loving way and WITHOUT anger. We also apologize and give hugs so that we learn how to ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness.
 Love is something that seems so simple but sometimes very very hard. As a parent you have a love for your child that continues to grow as they do. They become your world but there are times when you wonder if you have enough, at those times its important to seek for more from the One who loves us the best, GOD. There was a wonderful lady I met when I was expecting my first child and she taught some of us ladies lots of valuable information with raising children and running our homes. She is a mother of 10 so I think she has experience :) One thing that I will never forget is that she said when she ran out of her own love she asked God to supply her with his Alpha love. I do this almost daily so that I don't run out. God's love surpasses ours in so many ways. I want my children to know my love but also God's unending love.
 So this is just a few ways I do things so that my hands are not too full. I love my children and want as many as the Lord sees fit. As we are preparing for baby number 5 I do sometimes wonder will there be enough but I know with the Lord's help there will be. Being a wife and mother is the best job there is and I love it. Not everyday is peachy but those days are few. This is my calling and I want to full fill it with everything within me.