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Friday, May 20, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, and more Waiting

  As I have been waiting for the phone call to say that our house is ready I keep thinking how I hate to wait. I am not a very patient person SURPRISE lol. Waiting seems to make me grumpy and very impatient. This wait however has been helping me a lot. I find that as I pack I get excited for the new possibilities of getting my new home ready. I have designs, layouts, and decorations all planned. I want everything just right.
  Now waiting is a normal part of our lives. We wait for doctor appointments, hair appointments, food to get ready, paychecks, our husbands to come home, for some waiting to get off work. Waiting is a great percentage of our lives. My thoughts on waiting though is how do we handle waiting for the coming of the Lord? The other night my three year old was wondering why when we were in church everyone was crying. So my husband and I sat down and talked to her about Jesus. Well we got to the part how we were waiting for the Lord to come back to take us to heaven and she quickly linked that to waiting on our new house to be ready. She got so excited. How often do we get excited about the COMING OF OUR LORD???? Some days I pray Lord come now and other times I want him to wait.
  The world is getting worse but if we hold on and look onto that day with excitement and think of the time when we stand face to face with our Savior it might make the wait go easier :) I personally can't wait to worship him, hold the babies that I have in heaven and to see loved ones that have gone on before. Can you imagine talking to the greats like Abraham, Paul, Peter, John, Moses. WOW it just does something to you as you start to think about getting to heaven.
  So instead of complaining about how long we have to wait for things lets just look for the possibilities of what we can do when it happens. By the way I got the call yesterday that the house is ready. We will move on Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Your spouse is not your enemy.(BORROWED)

This is a great read and helpful to those who are married. I am posting this again since it went off my blog somehow. (I borrowed this from Laura on www.Heavenly
When your spouse does something to hurt you or upset you; when your spouse is thoughtless or inconsiderate; when your spouse forgets to do something you asked him or her to do; when your spouse makes you mad or causes you pain; when your spouse doesn’t seem to be on your side…
You need to remember that your spouse is not your enemy.
The enemy is your enemy.  Satan is the enemy.  The enemy doesn’t want your marriage to survive.  The enemy doesn’t want your marriage to be strong.  The enemy doesn’t want your marriage to make an impact for God’s Kingdom.
Your spouse is your teammate in this war against the enemy.  The enemy wants to tear your marriage apart.  You and your spouse are in this marriage together and you are not enemies.  You may not always see everything the same way, you may not always agree in every situation.  You may feel like your spouse is choosing to be your enemy.  But no, that isn’t true.  Your spouse is not your enemy.
No matter how tough your struggles, no matter how terrible your pain, no matter what your spouse does or doesn’t do…you must remember that your spouse is not your enemy.
Recognize the enemy when he tries to attack the teamwork of your marriage.  Do not focus your thoughts around your spouse when you are hurt or upset, thinking that your spouse is the enemy.  This will get you nowhere, except to keep you hurt and upset.
Instead, focus on prayer to the One who is holy and righteous, and much more powerful than the enemy.  Focus your prayers on asking God to preserve your marriage, to strengthen your marriage and above all, to defeat the enemy.
May you be blessed as you and your spouse work together, letting God strengthen and protect your marriage against the enemy.  Praise God for His unfailing power and for the hope He brings to your life and to your marriage!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still Packing

Well the packing continues lol, I have been working on the utility shelf and kitchen items. So far its going at a decent pace. I haven't done much cooking lately since packing is taking over. I do intend to make my own granola cereal, whole wheat soft pretzels and chewy granola bars tonight and tomorrow since its suppose to be cooler. Have you ever noticed as you pack you tend to throw things away that you really never used, well I have been doing this and its got me thinking. How often do we do that in our spiritual walks. We keep collecting scriptures and promises but after awhile when it seems like we haven't really used them or seen the results from them we just give up and throw them away. Wow how thoughtless, I mean lets look at Abraham he had a promise from God that he would have a son. Well he had to hold onto that promise for years, AND then finally it happened. What would have happened if he just decided hey I don't want to keep this promise its not been fulfilled so I just give it up. I will let you ponder on this while I go back to my packing. Have a great day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Blog

Well this is my first blog so it will be short lol. I am in the process of trying to pack so we can move and its actually fun. Now I am not normally one who likes to pack, usually I let the hubby do it since he is better than I am :). I hate moving but God has been helping me see that this is just another adventure with my hubby and babies. So I am enjoying each moment I am packing thinking of where I will place these items in our new house. I am so very excited. I already have a new kitchen theme and one for the bathroom as well. So I wonder how many of you like to pack and what kind of things you do while you pack.